Friday, June 3, 2011

US Coast Guard trains Phil Coast Guards Special Forces on Advance Boarding on Vessels

Philippine Coast Guard Special Operations Group (CGSOG) is a special unit of the PCG specialized in maritime security and tactical underwater procedures, have just concluded the 2 weeks Advance Border Officers Course conducted by their US counter parts, the US Coast Guard, here in Manila.

The US Coast Guard's mobile training team in collaboration with the US Embassy initiated this training to help develop the skill of the PCG special operatives who were randomly conducting boarding procedures on all international and domestic vessels plying the territorial waters of the country.

This move was supported by the Commandant, Philippine Coast Guard,Vice Admiral Liwag in order to standardize the PCG's procedures on Boarding and professionalize the personnel of the organization in the enforcement of its function.

The training module includes various boarding exercises and different scenarios and role playing as well. It helps the students learn the actual boarding procedures from low risk to high risk boarding, arresting technique, risk assessment and the familiarization of the use of force continuum model.

This training is deemed vital to our law enforcers in ensuring the safety and security of our maritime domain considering the complex and rampant piracy incidents rate in our territorial waters from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

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