Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heavy cell phone use harms memory….

Telebabad on cell phones can damage your brains and ability to remember things, if experiments on mice are any indication. And no, these were not talking mice. They were exposed to radio frequency radiation, simulating the effects of gossiping on a mobile with an "unlimited" plan.

Recent studies suggest that heavy exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones and cellular base stations can harm certain segments of the brain.

According to research by scientists working under the Environmental Health Thrust (EHT) and presented this week in Istanbul, Turkey, high exposure to cellphone radiation can lead to memory defects, brain damage and pregnancy complications.

In one of the studies, mice exposed to two hours of radio frequency radiation a day had a hard time learning and re-running mazes, suggesting an impairment on the brain's spatial memory.

In a second study, the barrier located between the bloodstream and the brain that protects the latter from environmental toxins were found to be more penetrable after steady exposure to 20-minute radio frequency radiation.

In rabbits, meanwhile, a third study discovered that exposure to six minutes of electromagnetic radiation spurred release of "secondary messengers" such as free radicals, which tend to destroy DNA and fat molecules.

Researchers found that even the non-ionizing radiation emitted by cell phones can also cause damage to the brain, contrary to what past studies have asserted.

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