Friday, June 3, 2011

Towing an iceberg to quench the worlds thirst?

June 2nd 2011 ·

o what’s the easiest way to get fresh drinking water to the billion+ thirsty people of the world?
In the 70′s, Mougin starting working with Saudi prince Mohammad al-Faisal on a business venture called “Iceberg Transport International”.

Their business plan? To tow a massive arctic iceberg using sailcloth and plastic to the Red Sea. Needless to say, outlandish costs ultimately led to the companies demise.

Today, some 35 years of technology advancements later, Mougin is still at it and his ideas may just be more possible than ever.

His system can be boiled down into 3 simple yet extremely technologically advanced steps:

Step 1: Find the right iceberg, not too big, but not too small either.
Step 2: Wrap a geotextile “skirt” around it.
Step 3: Tow it before it melts.

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