Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Canada unveils mesmerizing “polymer” money

Wed Jun 22, 11:02 am ET

On June 20, 2011, the Bank of Canada Released Details on the New Canada $50 and $100 Bills.

The Bank of Canada has released information on its new $50 and $100 bills.

The new Canadian $50 and $100 bills are made of a new polymer designed to last longer and deter counterfeits.

The new Canadian bank notes will contain metallic imagery carried in a transparent area, making it harder to counterfeit.

The new "plastic" Canadian $50 and $100 bills may have the look and feel of bills in Australia and other countries.

Interestingly, the new bills will feature new tactile features that will allow blind or partially sighted people identify bills by touch.

When are the New $50 and $100 Bill Coming Out?

The new Canadian bills will hit the streets in November 2011.

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