Saturday, June 11, 2011

Freedom and Honor


"Now, we find ourselves under the unique circumstance of a people who seem to be finding pride in their independence, as the unmistakable silhouette of our islands appears on shirts worn by so many; or our nation’s name prominently featured on shirt fronts. It is a great time to be proud of being Filipino.

Now that we have found ourselves as a nation, it is time to complete the journey that started with Rizal and June 12 over a hundred years ago. The Philippines boasts of a vibrant and proud people, with a distinctively diverse culture and a fierce knowledge of themselves as a state.

But whereas we have made mighty strides in education, legislation and even sports, we have one last aspect to transform. After all these years, we remain an economy that is anything but independent. Our economy remains dependent on the dollar and every hiccup of the world crude prices sends our local oil prices into a swoon and our markets into shivers.

It is for the future generations of Filipinos that we must free ourselves completely, not the least from poverty. It would be the true remembrance of Rizal’s ideals and the dreams of June 12, a nation that truly stands on its own, a genuine independence in spirit and shape, as we remember those words from long ago: “And imbued with firm confidence in Divine Providence, we hereby mutually bind ourselves to support this Declaration with our lives, our fortunes, and with our most sacred possession, our Honor.”

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