Friday, June 10, 2011

Looking at your people onboard and they will look after you

It takes good management to provide adequate and comfortable accommodation, sufficient nutritional and healthy food, recreational facilities, and access to ship-to-shore telephone communications and email and inter-net facilities to enable crew members to keep in touch with their families.

It needs good management to support the work of National Seafarers' Welfare Boards and Port Welfare Committees. It will also take good management, and bold leadership, to support those who may be victims of circumstances that cause them to be jailed.
It will take good management to comply with the mandatory standardsof the Maritime Labour Convention 2006; and it will take inspirational leadership to comply with the Con-vention's non-mandatory Guidelines.
There will, of course, always be those seafarers who are not happy with their lot, no matter how much they are offered by way of remuneration, benefits, family support, healthcare or welfare facilities. But, safe, healthy, happy and motivated seafarers will prove an asset to any company.

Indeed, if you look after your people, they will look after you...

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