Friday, March 25, 2011

How long will MSC be the Goliath in shipping?

According to Containerisation International (CI), MSC has overtaken Maersk Line as the world's biggest shipping line, in terms of vessel capacity.

MSC has a total teu capacity of 1.84 mil;
Maersk Line has a total teu capacity of 1.82 mil.

In the tight segment these two giants are moving in, the difference is not that much.  In fact, if Maersk's sister companies Safmarine and MCC Transport will be accounted for, Maersk will be bigger than MSC by 9% in terms of capacity.  

Now fast forward to 2013, when the expected delivery of Maersk's first of ten Triple-E vessels* come in, with a capacity of 18thou teus each. 

How long then will MSC be able to maintain its lead?  Will they actively compete for the title as World's Biggest Shipping Company? 

*(Can somebody please comment if he has any idea how many ports in the world are structurally ready for these mega-vessels?)

Edu del Agua

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