Monday, March 21, 2011

Fears of Nuclear Reaction

After tsunami triggered the earthquake’ episode in the history of Japan, the country struggled to prevent nuclear crisis – considered the worst since the Hiroshima bombing. The incident triggered threats and fears to neighboring countries as well as the whole world as suggested by the Chernobyl, Ukraine explosion in 1986.

Nuclear radiation resulting from nuclear plants explosion have caused excessive alarms on several countries including the Philippines triggered by the impacts of enduring radioactivity from the Chernobyl incident heightened the crisis. The incident is being exploited through hoax messages despite efforts by the Philippine government to dispel public fears by declaring that there is no immediate threat from nuclear radiation effects. This shows the inclination of the public to believe false information and to fall prey to scrupulous persons who exploit the situation. On the other hand, the incident provides government agencies with the opportunity to address issues with credibility and authority.

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