Friday, March 25, 2011

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize our emotions and then manage our responses to those emotions in a manner that enhancesour health and relationship with others. Basic guidelines to enhance our emotional intelligance are as follows:
1. Notice how you are feeling and be able to name the emotion. Be careful not to get confused between your thoughts and feelings. Notice the difference between and then use 'I feel' and 'I think' statements.
2. Notice how you judge those emotions.
3. Notice what situations typically evoke those emotions in you.
4. Notice the difference between your emotions and your outward responses to those emotions - what others would see you do and say. Ask yourself how you choose to feel about something and whether your behavior is aligned with that choice.
5. Realize that it is OK to have strong emotional reactions. It is what you do with those emotions that can be a problem for you and others.
6. Notice how long you retain those emotions. What changes them?
7. Notice what makes you happy and plan for those situations on a regular basis.
8. Notice how you make conclusions about other peoples' feelings. What are they doing or saying.

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