Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tripping in nature more risky due to climate change

Because of climate change, the number of ticks are growing and thus the risk of being beaten by a Lyme-infected tick increases as well. This warning comes from a group of dutch researchers , that due to a warmer winters and rising temperatures a certain mosquit from china and sand fly from southern europe may start inhabiting the netherlands. These insects are known to spread dangerous virus and several tropical diseases.
Lyme is often contracted as unnoticed, but its a very serious condition requiring serious immediate medical attention, for as it progresses it affects the joints and nervous system. In extreme cases it can even lead to loss of hearing and neurological damage.
No matter how comfy the weather and freed your mind maybe, keep your clothes on as you wander through the woods! Learn how to safely remove a tick, and check yourself, friends and pets after each forest walk.

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