Friday, November 19, 2010

Ship Risk Profile

1) How do the risk factors affect Priority I and II?

The risk factors affect on how often a ship will be periodically inspected. Periodic inspections are determined by a time window. Each ship will be classified as High Risk Ships (HRS), Standard Risk Ships (SRS) or Low Risk Ships (LRS) using details of inspections in the PMoU area in the last 3 years.

2) What are the main differences between Priority I and Priority II?

Each ship will be attributed with a ship risk profile. Depending on the time since the last inspection in combination with the ship risk profile applicable, the ship will be prioritized for inspection. A Priority II ship may be inspected; a Priority I must be inspected.

These are no obligations for the ship but for the PMoU member where the ship calls. Priority I status may also be invoked if there is an event triggering an overriding inspection such as when the ship has been reported to be manoeuvring erratically.

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