Thursday, November 18, 2010

8 Symptoms Young Smokers Should Not Ignore

Dull skin: One of the first positive changes you'll notice after you quit is significantly brighter, more alive-looking skin, and nurses say they can tell smokers from nonsmokers by their skin alone.

Nagging cough: Walk too fast, step outdoors on a cold day, or inhale steam from a hot shower and all of a sudden you sound like a one-woman TB ward, and that's your lungs reacting to an overload of irritation.

Dead sense of smell and taste: Here's one reason why smokers gain weight after they quit: Food all of a sudden tastes awesome, because they can finally really taste it.

Poor sleep: Nicotine is a stimulant and plays havoc with normal sleep patterns.

Poor circulation: Always suffering freezing hands and feet? Your habit may be to blame.

Increased flu risk: Smokers are more likely to get the flu and when they get it, more likely to get really sick from it.

Marriage troubles: Smokers are considerably more likely to divorce than nonsmokers.

Precancerous lesions: Smokers get sore, scaly white patches in their mouths that can lead to oral cancer.

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