Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sex lowers the risk of Cancer and Flu

A healthy sexual life does not only keep one in a good mood, but also according to the scientists, lowers the risk of erectile dysfunction and even heart attack. Men who continued active sexual life after 50 have lower risk of prostate cancer development but men between 20-30 years old who have sex too often (more than 20 times per month) on the contrary have the higher risk of prostate cancer. Those who have sex at least 3 times a week have a 4 times lower risk of erectile dysfunction pathology development in comparision with the ones who have sex less than a week. Moreover, during sex such substances such as serotonin (the hormone of the good mood) and immunoglobulin A (which protects us from catching colds and flu) are secreted into the blood. Though above all, the conclusion directly implies that safety must always comes first before passion.

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