Monday, November 8, 2010

Study Shows that Laptop Use can Make Men Sterile,,2-1395183,00.html

This article provides interesting information leading researchers to believe that with the increased use of laptop computers by males there is a greater risk of becoming infertile.

The combination of heat generated by the computers and the posture needed to balance the equipment on the lap leads to raised temperatures around the scrotum, a study has found. Past research shows that higher scrotal temperatures can damage sperm and affect fertility.

Researchers studied the testicular changes resulting from laptop use in 29 volunteers ranging from ages 21 to 35.

“The body needs to maintain a proper testicular temperature for normal sperm production and development,” Dr Sheynkin said. “Portable computers in a laptop position produce scrotal hyperthermia by both the direct heating effect of the computer and the sitting position necessary to balance the computer.”

As technological advances are increasingly made, this article may make the traveling businessman rethink using his laptop with every free moment.

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