Friday, October 29, 2010

Mandatory Expanded Inspections

Following the Erica and Prestige disasters the EU introduced new legislation through the Directive 2001/106/EC, which came into effect on 22 July 2003.

The directive introduced the concept of Mandatory Expanded Inspections (MEI’s) on “high risk ships."

The directive requires that high-risk ships must have a mandatory expanded inspection carried out by an EU member of the Paris MOU region every 12 months.

The following vessels are identified as high-risk:

  • Oil tankers over 15 years of age and over 3000 GT;
  • Gas and chemical tankers over 10 years of age;
  • Bulk Carriers over 12 years of age;
  • Passenger ships over 15 years of age (excluding those covered by the Ferry Directive, 1999/35/EC).

The age of the ship is determined on the basis of the keel-laying date, indicated in the ship's safety certificates.

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