Friday, October 22, 2010

Heuristic-Based Security Solutions: Proactive Protection

In a business environment using the newest methods of communication, like social networking, heuristic-based security solutions provide the proactive protection that is vital to security. By emulating the software in a virtual computer-inside-a-computer, heuristic security solutions run pieces of software and check for potentially malicious behavior. This provides proactive protection and increased detection of zero-day threats and unknown malware. While there is a risk of “false positives” – where “safe” information is classified as malware, the benefit is that new threats that have not been identified by the signature-based method can be caught before they enter a network.

The rapid development of social networking Web sites has opened up new ways for business partners, companies, and customers to connect, narrowing the communication gab. But, they have also introduced new dangers and risks to corporate networks. Companies that are planning use social networking as a communications tool need to be aware of the risks that could affect their business, and take steps to protect themselves.

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