Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is Airline Food a Health Risk?

Airline food may look unappetizing, and it turns out it may also have the potential of making you sick.

It has been found many airline meals are prepared in unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

According to the newspaper (USA Today), FDA inspectors cited many airline catering kitchens for suspected health and sanitation violations over the past two years.

The caterers were LSG Sky Chefs, Gate Gourmet, two of the world's biggest in in-flight catering, and Flying Food Group. The newspaper says the three caterers together prepare more than 100 million meals each year for U.S. carriers and international airlines flying from the U.S.

Together they operate 91 kitchens and cater all the major airlines including Delta, American, United, US Airways and Continental

According to USA Today, the FDA reports show issues with food stored at improper temperatures, unclean equipment and workers with poor hygiene. The newspaper reports that at some facilities, there are "cockroaches, flies, mice and other signs of inadequate pest control."

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