Friday, July 22, 2011

Vehicle Shipping Regulations

Please follow the important procedures for exporting automobiles to ensure compliance with U.S. Customs. It will also assist in minimizing delays, and avoiding costs due to non-compliance

If your shipment is destined to the following countries:

Libya (Tripoli, Benghazi, and El Khoms, but not to Misurata. Only new cars (with zero miles) may be accepted at Misurata.)
Used automobiles/vehicles are not to exceed 5 years of age, must be in good condition. Salvaged cars will not be accepted. Any shipments rejected by the Libyan Customs will have to be returned to origin or redirected at shipper’s expense.
Lebanon (Beirut): Autos are not to exceed 8 years of age
Saudi Arabia (Jeddah & Damman): Autos are not to exceed 5 years. Also any damaged, salvaged, dented or previously used vehicles for police or taxi services are prohibited.
Yemen (Hodeidah): Autos are not to exceed 7 years
Tunisia (Tunis & Sfax) :New vehicles only
Egypt (Port Said, Damietta, and Alexandria): New Vehicles Only (Not exceeding 1 year old)
Port Said will allow used vehicles not exceeding 10 years of age)
Russia (Taganrog): No Autos Allowed
Syria (Latakkia): No Autos Allowed
Pakistan: 3 years or less

Procedures for loading

Only 1 vehicle can be loaded per 20’ Standard Dry Container and 2 vehicles per 40’ Standard Dry Container
Vehicles cannot be stacked on top of each other – They are only loaded one high.
Vehicles cannot be suspended with wire / chains / nylon bandings or blocking above the floor loaded vehicle.
All four tires of each vehicle must remain on the container floor.

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