Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sun Tzu and Supply Chain Management

Sun Tzu said, "Knowledge that does not go beyond what the generals know is not good." This means, a mission that is not understood at all levels of the organization is not good. And Sun Tzu's rule for finding a good leader to relay the mission is, "See who is able to make rules clear and commands easy to follow." Leadership is thus responsible for ensuring that the mission is clear and provides the vision necessary to get the organization moving forward. In supply chain management, leaders must be responsible for setting fully-understood goals that do not create ambiguities, rather lead to sub-optimization for the supply chain by encouraging local optimization counter to the goals of the supply chain.
(Source: Joseph L. Walden;$3965)

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Samual James said...

sun-tzu was really a mastermind in applying supply chain management principles to his strategies of the war, thats why his strategies are so famous and correct even in today's world. Anyways thanks for providing this post.

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