Sunday, July 10, 2011

5 Ways Sleep Deprivation Can Kill You

1- You could die in a car crash

It is estimated that 100,000 car crashes occur yearly because of drowsy driving; this contributes to 1,500 deaths and countless disabling injuries annually on our highways.

2- You could die at work

You undoubtedly are judged at work on a regular basis, not getting enough sleep will affect your job performance and could contribute to be passed over for promotion or loss of your job. Worse yet, if your work involves operating heavy machinery or driving a motorized vehicle such as a truck, bus or forklift, you could hurt or kill yourself or someone else.

3- You could become irritable, depressed and suicidal

Deep refreshing sleep is essential for feeling rested and well, if you are not getting enough sleep, this could make you feel very sad and could contribute to significant relationship difficulties; if this is a chronic condition, your prolonged depressed state could lead to thoughts of suicide.

4- You could gain weight

Obesity is a mojor problem in the United States, it contributes to premature death from problems such as heart attacks and strokes; while poor eating habits certainly contribute, lack of sleep is also likely a factor, the hormone leptin has a significant impact on appetite for food, increased levels suppress appetite; there is evidence that not getting enough sleep lowers your leptin levels. This results in an increase in appetite and weight gain; so getting better sleep can help you lose weight.

5- You could develop diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is associated with increased levels of sugar in your blood, it is the No. 1 cause of blindness in the United States and contributes to many other life-threatening problems such as heart attacks, strokes and renal disease requiring dialysis; it can shorten your life. There is evidence that not getting enough sleep can lead to metabolic changes that cause diabetes mellitus.

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