Saturday, May 21, 2011

VIP treatment in Muntinlupa

Special treatment for VIP's and other inequalities have been in practice in state penitentiaries for a long time, one Roman catholic priest said...
"There's a culture of impunity where if one is rich, influential and powerful, one can get away from detention, such as what has happened to ex-Batangas Gov. Antonio Leviste and former Zamboangadel Norte Rep. Romeo Jalosjos". When you go to prison there is no equal treatment; there's VIP treatment as Bishop Pedro Arigo said over the Church-owned radio veritas.

Source: Philippine daily inquirer, may 21, saturday issue..


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Basic Investing

Basic rule number one – Is to always know what kind of income you are working for.

1. Earned Income: Income generally derived from a job of some form of labour. In most common form a paycheck. It is also the highest taxed income.
2. Portfolio Income: income generally derived from paper asset such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Portfolio income is by far the most popular form of investment income, simply because paper asset are so much easier to manage and maintain than any other others.
3. Passive income: income generally derived from patents of license agreements. Yet approximately 80% of the time, passive income is from real estate.

Basic rule number two – is to convert earned income into portfolio income or passive income as efficiently as possible. Risk is always a part of investing, as it is with real life. People who are too negative and avoid risk back themselves out of the most opportunities because of their negativity and fear of risk.

Basic rule number three – is to keep your earned income secure by purchasing a security you HOPE to convert your earned income into passive income or portfolio income.

A security can be an asset or liabilities. When it is earning security is called an asset when it is not earning it is called liabilities.