Friday, October 14, 2011

Sample Business Strategy of Hellenic Carriers

-Hellenic Carriers' primary objective is to ensure that Hellenic Shipmanagement manages the fleet in a manner that allows the Company and its subsidiaries to maintain profitability across the shipping cycle and thus to maximise returns for Shareholders.
-Accretive growth through vessel acquisitions. The intention is to grow the fleet managed by Hellenic Shipmanagement through timely and selective acquisitions by its subsidiaries of second-hand, modern, high-quality dry bulk carriers.
-Management of a modern, high quality fleet of dry bulk carriers. Hellenic Shipmanagement will continue to focus on the Handymax, Supramax, Panamax and Kamsarmax dry bulk vessels, as these vessel types carry a wide variety of cargoes and trade over a wider range of routes, thus offering a greater number of chartering opportunities compared to larger vessels.
-Delivery of an outstanding service to customers through highly efficient operations with optimal fleet utilisation.
-Balanced chartering of the vessels managed by Hellenic Shipmanagement in a manner that provides the shipowning companies with stable cash flows. It is intended that the vessels managed by Hellenic Shipmanagement should be employed primarily on time charters with terms of between one and three years that provide relatively stable cash flows and high utilisation rates.
-Attraction and retention of blue-chip customers. Hellenic Shipmanagement has developed a network of business relationships with established, reputable charterers of dry bulk carriers as well as other key counterparties in the shipping industry (for example banks, insurers and brokers).

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