Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do you have 5S?

A workplace full of clutter is a burden for every employee. We can't avoid to pile paperwork, office supplies, photographs of loved ones or even leftover food within our workstation. But who wants a messy workstation where millions of bacteria thrive and are the main causes of that cold, cough and other sickness you have no idea how you caught.

The 5S system introduces a simple yet effective way to get rid of clutter in your workplace. This is a popular tool from the Japanese:

1. "Seiri" or Sort

2. "Seiton"- Set in Order

3. "Seiso"- Shiny clean

4. "Seiketsu"- Standardize Cleanup

5. "Shitsuke"- Sustain

Start your 5S today!

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