Friday, October 14, 2011

Business Goal Setting

To have a successful goal, you have to include the following:

1. Be Clear. You have to know exactly what you want.

2. Be Specific. The more specific you are, the less your brain wanders and has to figure out what you really want every time you think of your goal.

3. Set A Date For Completion. When you set a date for completion, then your brain reacts to action, because there is a sense of urgency.

4. Fine Tune Your Goal. After your first draft, go over your goal and ask the following questions:

a Does it make sense to you?
b. Do you believe it?
c. Do you feel you can accomplish it?
d. Does that date seem too long, short, or is it just right?

5. Envision Yourself Already Having Achieved That Goal. When you have your goal defined and fine tuned, then relax in a quiet place, and don't think of anything for two or three minutes.

6. Mix Your Goal With Emotion. You must have an intense desire for your goal to come true.


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