Friday, June 8, 2012


Before going any further into the discussion on seapower, I think there’s a need to point out some important ideas or facts concerning the sea.  And the best wayto do it is to share some ideas on the historical attributes of the sea. 
The sea as we know it is global, unowned and unownbale, opaque and hostile.  But despite of these characteristics, the sea always have been an area of dominion, an environment, a resources, a means of transportation, and a means of exchanging culture.  And these facts are very true in the Philippines.
In the Philippines alone, almost 75% of our territory or dominion is covered with water.  Over the past centuries, sea has been the barometer of life and will continue to be so as the determinant of the future.  With the observance of physiological changes of the sea we can easily determine changes in Philippine climate. 
The conflict in West Philippine Sea is caused by the possible discovery of natural gas or oil in the area.  Sea foods as a source of protein are also abundant in the area.  Also, if we want to visit the Philippines tourist hot spots and share others cultures, you should travel by sea.

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