Thursday, December 2, 2010

is your health on the line

Unless you've had your cellphone permanently glued to your ear, chances are you've heard the recent health buzz: Mobile devices can cause cancer. While it's true that National Cancer Institute has ruled them safe, a growing number of independent researchers disagree.
Those experts point out that the FCC wireless regulations on cell phone safety are largely based on something called Specific Absorption Rate(SAR) levels, or the rate at which our bodies absorbs radiation. Most phones do comply with the federal standards, but SAR monitors only thermal effects. (In other words, if the radiation from your phone isn't cooking your brain, its regarded as safe.) But mounting scientific evidence suggest that nonthermal radio frequency radiation (RF)- the invisible energy waves that connect cell phones to cell towers, and power numerous other everyday items- can damage our immune systems and alter our cellular makeup, even at intensities considered safe by the FCC.

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