Thursday, December 2, 2010

8 Reasons To Tough Out Your Job

1. Money: Money is the obvious reason to remain in a job that you would otherwise quit in a heartbeat, because the fact is, unless you are willing to live in the woods off the fat of the land, you are going to need money and this becomes even more important if you are responsible for more people than just yourself.

2. Experience: Even if your job is not ideal, chances are you are learning something that can become marketable in the future, in other words, it is in your best interest to learn everything possible from your current position so these skills can help you secure a more fulfilling position in the future.

3. Advancement: You might be unhappy with your current position, but before you decide to call it quits, consider the advancement opportunities that may exist should you decide to stay and try to think honestly of the best case scenario - where could you be in this company in two or five years?

4. Expectations: Having realistic expectations about a career is vital to job satisfaction and expecting too much responsibility, freedom or compensation can lead to disappointment and it is helpful to look objectively at the position to determine realistic expectations both for the job position and for yourself.

5. The Grass is Always Greener: Although it's easy to assume "I would be so happy if I worked somewhere else," this is not always the case even the dreamiest of jobs provoke some level of dissatisfaction and frequently, the jobs that seem most appealing fall short in some regard, whether it's in salary, job stress level, time commitment or working conditions (i.e. environment, co-workers etc).

6. Attitude: If you are unhappy with your job, it is useful to take an honest look at your attitude, if there is something that you could change (about yourself) that would make your job more tolerable?

7. Fortitude: A common source of workplace dissatisfaction involves an intolerable co-worker or manager because while we all hope to get along with our colleagues, one co-worker can, quite literally, ruin your work day.

8. Opportunity: If you have decided that your current job is definitely not going to work out for the long term, you can begin a new job search while you are still employed and as mentioned above, being currently employed is more appealing to potential employers, and it is easier to look for a suitable job (and one that you will enjoy more than your current one) if you are not worried about making the mortgage payment.

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