Friday, March 16, 2012


A health and safety risk assessment is a graphed equation that takes in as many variables by numbers in order to create the most accurate data and forecast of possible risks that can occur. A health and safety risk assessment provides safety assessment in a place of work. Preventative measures are customized per business as a health and safety risk assessment is completed thus giving the data needed to all the inquiries. Statistical data of accidents in the workplace are all factors, these factors can be anything such as placement of objects, machinery, and even something as inconspicuous as mopping the floor. The possibility of injury in the work environment is always evident but by taking in as much data as possible and forming a proper assessment form of all the risks can assist the business to avoided work environment related injuries and possibly save the company from workers compensation or work related injury lawsuit.

Health and safety risk assessments are usually processed by using an assessment tool that has already been setup to accept variables and this software tool template is designed to assist businesses in their assessment. Workforce safety is crucial as businesses have to be able to show their assessment to certain government and insurance agencies especially if a complaint or suit is filed against the business. Certain workplaces may have more hazards for example a factory that includes heavy machinery that poses several dangers in the workplace. These hazards will be variables in the health and safety risk assessment form of the work environment. Risk will always be present in our everyday work environment but knowing your risk assessment can help you properly prepare for any issues that may arise.

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