Thursday, March 8, 2012

5 Most Dangerous countries to work

This country is the world’s most dangerous. Confusion, chaos, and improvised explosive devices abound in this war-torn country. Even years of U.S. military intervention couldn’t tame the restless insurgents. Kidnappings and murder are reported with troubling frequency. Since 2003, two million Iraqis have escaped to neighboring countries and nearly two million more in Iraq remain internally displaced. Depleted uranium used as armor-piercing rounds will poison Iraqi civilians and anyone else coming into contact with them for decades.
The drug capital of the world, areas in this country are truly lawless. Kidnapping is the top worry when working in Colombia, which is home to around 2,500 kidnappings a year — with about 200 of the victims eventually being murdered. Ranked fourth in the world for murders with almost 67 murders per 100,000 people in 2006, the common targets are mayors, with dozens of them being slaughtered each year. And who can forget cocaine? Colombia supplies 75% of the world’s supply and, thanks to the drug cartels, paramilitary groups have waged war on the government in a vicious conflict with no end in sight.
When a country uses chemical warfare on its own people, you know you want to skip working there. Not only is Somalia a failed state known for anarchy, corruption and famine, but it also has so many pirates that people are warned not to even sail near the Horn of Africa. Even the Marines don’t mess around here.
Another war-torn country, Afghanistan has always been in the top five. Between the automatic-weapon armed locals to the displaced insurgency fighters, there is not an oasis of peace in the country. Security forces protect workers, but the increasing numbers of foreign workers also mean increased attacks.
With a shaky government barely in control and Taliban militants attacking willy-nilly, this country makes almost every list for most dangerous. Though a weak government is better than no government at all, a sudden coup could spell disaster for foreign workers.

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