Monday, June 24, 2013

World’s Most Dangerous Oceans For Shipping Identified

A new study commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund for World Oceans Day, pinpoints the planet’s most dangerous oceans and describes how shipwrecks are likely to increase in the coming years because of expanding fleets and a warming climate.

South China Sea, Mediterranean and North Sea as the World's most dangerous waters for shipping. The report, by researchers at Southhampton Solent University in the UK and published by the environmental charity WWF, says that accidents are likely to rise with the expected growth in shipping, posing a danger to some of the world's most ecologically important areas.

Dr. Simon Walmsley, marine manager at WWF, said: "Unfortunately in the past we've seen that it is only after a major accident that safety and environment measures are reviewed. That needs to change if we want to maintain healthy seas."

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