Friday, June 14, 2013

Did Costa Cruises Assist an Alleged Rapist Escape Justice?

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports on the case of a Filipino crew member who alleges that her supervisor raped her while she was working on board the MV Costa Classica last year.

The victim worked as a security guard on the cruise ship. She alleges that she was summoned to the security office on the cruise ship where she observed two security officers drinking alcohol. The men who made the indecent advances and the alleged sexual abuse are of Indian nationality: Joseph Chacko (Chief Security Officer) and Anoop Palatty (Assistant Security Officer). 

A trial involving the Costa case is scheduled to begin in Genoa, Italy on June 8th. 
Costa has some explaining to do, like why didn't the company apprehend the security officer? 
Why did the cruise permit him to leave the ship and fly back to India?

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