Friday, May 25, 2012

Seapower 1

I just came from gruelling but exciting discussion with air force cadet officers.  Cadets are here for a two-day traditional school visit to meet their counterpart – naval officer cadets here in Zambales.  The subject of our discussion was about seapower and I think this is something that is worth sharing it to all of you. 
Seapower is the sum of a nation’s capabilities to utilize the sea for political, economic, and military use to meet national interests or objectives in peace or even in times of war.  This is the primary method or approach for us to implement our national strategy.  This holds true, if and only when our country leaves her customary national strategy which is the continental (land-based) strategy and shift to maritime (sea-based) strategy.  Maritime strategy is more suitable and proper for the Philippines considering we are an archipelagic and a maritime nation.  Now, readers might ask, what are these capabilities or instruments that we need to meet the requirements of seapower?  These requirements are found in the elements or sources of seapower, sometimes they are simply called the components of seapower.  Indeed, seapower is a very broad topic to discuss and so I intend to continue it next week for a better appreciation and understanding. 

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