Friday, February 17, 2012

Practical Management Of The Risk Of Piracy

Relying on the several internationally adopted counter-piracy measures like application of the Best Management Practices, which is now on its 4th version (BMP4),  the establishment of the navigational “corridor” and the support of allied naval resources, and the continual adjustment and expansion of the High Risk Area (HRA) have not been much of help as vessels are reported to have been attacked  while actually “in the corridor” and in between the escorting naval vessels. This risk increases after leaving the “corridor” and the apparent protection of the allied naval vessels, as the expansion of the high risk area exposes the vessels to greater risk of attacks.
It is for these reasons that in the absence of better and more reliable anti-piracy measures adopted internationally, shipping companies consider the hiring of armed guards as a practical and effective means of managing the risk of pirate attacks.

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