Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On Jan 20, 2012, the 155 meter long, 19,777 DWT Philippine flagged vessel Aztec Maiden went aground off the coast at Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands. The vessel has just gone out of the breakwater with a Pilot after completing full discharge of her cargo when it encountered very heavy rolling and pitching due to a storm which caused its engines to stop automatically. The vessel anchored but eventually dragged her anchor and drifted until it grounded on a sandbank some 200 meters off shore. The Dutch Coast Guard responded and found the vessel stable with no injuries to its 21 crew, no structural damage to the vessel and no pollution. On the next high tide, a local salvage company pulled the Aztec Maiden back into port for closer inspection by authorities. When the weather permitted, the vessel was allowed to proceed to her next loading port.

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