Friday, August 3, 2012

On Fidelity

Fidelity in human relationship refers to the quality of being loyal or faithful. The term is derived from the Latin word “fidelis” which means faithful or loyal and usually denotes observance of marriage vows, sexual or emotional monogamy or assurances of exclusivity to one’s partner. It becomes problematic when one partner considers a particular act to be cheating while the other partner doesn’t see it as a big deal. Each relationship is unique and the partners need to come to an understanding on what is and what is not considered a breach of physical fidelity. For example, is it okay for a man to communicate with his ex-girlfriends or for a woman to flirt with her male friends? Emotional fidelity, on the other hand, means that even if you devote a lot of time with friends, co-workers or associates, you don’t allow those relationships to overcome the emotional fidelity that you have with your significant other. Jealousy is a response to apparent or potential infidelity, be it physical or emotional. To maintain fidelity, both partners must be open and honest to each other and must avoid circumstances which may ripen into fertile grounds for physical or emotional infidelity.

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