Friday, August 10, 2012

Improved Policy on Sailing During Adverse Weather Condition

Through extensive consultations with partner government agencies, maritime stakeholders and expert groups, a consensus for an improved sailing regulation during typhoons was developed and formulated. The PCG believes that it has promulgated a set of rules that is pro-active yet liberal, preventive yet acceptable to the industry. Contained are the provisions that only vessels of more than 1,000 GT and above may sail when PSWS number 1 is hoisted and that no vessel shall sail when PSWS number 2 is raised in a vessel’s origin or route or destination. Further, only vessels taking shelter shall be allowed to sail during said PSWS numbers, provided that no passenger is onboard.
The new sailing regulation also integrates crucial safeguards and innovations including: (1) a typhoon projection method designed by PAGASA with the appropriate graphical representation published in its regular weather bulletins for easy reference; (2) emphasis on the proper stowage and lashing of cargoes while underway or sheltering; (3) designation of cargo watches to be posted during the entire duration of the voyage or sheltering to ensure the safe condition of cargo lashings; (4) maintenance of communication among the PCG, ship owners and their vessels while underway or during sheltering with communications check to be conducted every 30 minutes for close monitoring of status of vessels; and (5) provision for vessels to take no other option except to take shelter when while underway are caught in a typhoon signal where they are not allowed to sail.

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