Thursday, July 19, 2012

ClassNK quits Iran

Japan’s ClassNK is the latest classification society to stop its Iranian dealings after US pressure.

Class NK is shutting its Iran office

The group is closing its Tehran office in the face of  western sanctions against the country’s alleged nuclear weapons programme.

Japan's ClassNK said it did not verify safety and environmental standards for Iranian ships, but was nevertheless pulling out.

"We at ClassNK have already voluntarily refrained from activities in Iran, and we have no vessels with Iranian flags, so we do not think that our current activities are running foul of the Iran sanctions," a senior ClassNK official told Reuters. "But considering the environment that surrounds us as of late, there were talks on this inside the organisation, and we have officially decided to close our Tehran office."

The UK’s Lloyd’s Register, Germany's Germanischer Lloyd and France's Bureau Veritas have already stopped classing Iranian vessels. Korea’s Korean Register of Shipping (KRS) has not yet bowed to pressure to stop Iranian classification activities.

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